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Paul Briggs staying in the conversation to forge change 26 January 2024

We are 65,000 years of knowledge and wisdom S Armstrong 26 January 2024


Yoorrook-for-Justice-Report-summary-w-foreword 31 August 2023

A just coexistence_What might a First Nations treaty look like 13 August 2023NITV – From field to pitch, here are the winners of the 2023 National Indigenous Sporting Awards November 2023

Indigenous Yes campaigners fall silent as they grieve referendum result October 2023

New community fishing ponds to reel in more anglers in Merrigum October 2023

Australian Paralympic community mourns the death of trailblazing wheelchair basketballer Kevin Coombs October 2023

Ngarra Murray and Rueben Berg Co-Chairs of First Peoples Assembly July 2023

FIL Timeline 2023

Professor Ian Anderson appointed Chair of Atlantic Fellows for Social Equity Advisory Board April 2023

A collective effort walking with mob in philanthropy February 2023

Relationships trust and community the journey of a First Nations-led funder Nov 2022

Devastating truths must be told and heard in the quest for a new nationhood March 2022

Janine Coombs appointed to the CFC Anti Racsim Panel 18 Feb 2021


The Incredible Story and Lasting Influence of the Rumbalara Football Club 2 Nov 2020

Phone_consultations_with_the_many_Aboriginal patients J Barney April 2020

ACF Interview Sometimes you just need someone to believe in you 2020

Trailblazer’s descendant makes the cut for First Peoples’ Assembly

The Border Mail Network for Indigenous Youth to Grow in 2019

KWT Handover Nov 2018

Right Way Wrong Way Which Way – Respectful Relationships FINAL 2018


New Crop of Indigenous Leaders are Recognised Nat Idigenous Times 17 March 2011

Inaugural Fellow Paul Briggs Luncheon 2009 v3

Speech by Carly Sheldon 2009


Fellowship for Indigenous Leadership Canada Tour June 2007:

Fellowship for Indigenous Leadership April 2009:

What Makes a Leader? October 2010:

Emerging Leaders 2014:

FIL Leadership and Respect 2016:

FIL What the Fellowship means to me

Our Survival Day 2023