Bek Lasky

Emerging Leader 2023 - 2024

Bek Lasky is a proud Wakayawoman who was born and raised on the lands of the Wadawurrung people (Geelong).  She is proud of her Aboriginal heritage which comes from the beautiful lands in the Barkly Region in the Northern Territory.

She is currently the CEO of Ngarrimili in Geelong, a not-for-profit which provides access and support to aspiring established First Nations business owners, entrepreneurs, creatives, individuals and communities, and is very passionate about business and entrepreneurship opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mob in Victoria.

Bek is also the co-founder of a small business called Soul Sister Co, more recently a public speaker and an advocate for mental health.

She is an Emerging Leader with a strong focus on improving the business/independence literacy within the community and, in her words, “achieve generational wealth” and the expectation of opportunity and success is so very important both in expanding the variety of roles that Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander youth can see themselves in, and that the broader community can expect of them.

Bek also wants to create safe environments for mob to talk about mental health, to empower young mob that they can have different futures and jobs, that doesn’t necessarily need to involve working for community organisations, or in healthcare. They have the power and knowledge to achieve generational wealth and change, for themselves, families and communities.

Her vision over the next year(s) is that the community in Victoria feels more self-determined and not constrained to government policies and frameworks that is seen at the moment. Working as a not-for-profit, Aboriginal led organisation, she understands the amount of red-tape that governments place on Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander communities, individuals and organisations, therefore her goal is to continue to break down these barriers through the work she does.

Bek is currently enrolled in the Australian Indigenous Leadership (AILC) Certificate IV in Indigenous Leadership.  Other programs she has completed include:

  • Korin Gamadji Institute Leadership Programs
  • YMCA Youth Parliament Program
  • Murrup Barak Leadership Camp
  • Culture is Life Fullaship
  • Governance Training through the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD)