Clayton Murray-Mitchell

Emerging Leader 2013 – 2014

Clayton Murray-Mitchell
Clayton Murray-Mitchell

Clayton Murray-Mitchell is a proud Wemba-Wemba, Ngandjon-jji & Yorta-Yorta man who grew up in Echuca, northern Victoria. His family taught him the importance of respect, community, culture, family and integrity. These five values make up the core of who he is and what he represents.

His life has been greatly influenced by the fight and drive of his grandparents, Valerie Mitchell nee Egan, Edward Mitchell, Nora Murray nee Nicholls and Stewart Murray, and he will continue to carry on the legacy they left behind and work towards a brighter future for his community.

These great people, that he aspires to be like, are the reason he is putting his hand up to make change.

Clayton has spent the majority of his professional career employed by youth and education services. He was a Koori Support Worker at the Echuca East Primary school, a Case Worker at the Echuca Baroona Youth Healing Centre and a Physical Activities Worker at the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service.

Clayton says his most rewarding role was at the Baroona Youth Healing Centre, where he was responsible for mentoring and encouraging the younger Indigenous youth who were committed to making positive changes in their lives.

Culture and identity are at the core of who he is and he believes that it is important to know who you are and where you came from. As a teenager, with his cousins, Clayton revived Aboriginal dance in Echuca and created the Dhungala (Murray River Dance group) who performed at local and statewide events. He has also danced with the Wamba-Wamba dance group (Swan Hill), Melbourne-based dance groups, Koori Youth Will Shakespears, Koorioboree 2012 and the Wurundjeri dance group.

He was a DJ for local music events and has toured nationally as a DJ for Indigenous hip hop act and “Deadly” award winners the Yung Warriors.

Clayton is the Founder and Manager of the annual ‘3 Rivers Festival’ which is held in November in Moama NSW and is currently living and working in Western Australia for AFL SportsReady as a Team Leader – Student Administration.