The Fellows

The Fellowship for Indigenous Leadership provides support and assistance to selected Fellows to enable them to concentrate their efforts on personal and professional development as well as allow them to undertake plans to improve the social and economic wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Victorians and pursue their vision for a better future for Indigenous communities.

What is a Fellow?

A Fellow is already well on their journey. They will be an exceptional person who has already achieved a great deal in both the Indigenous community and the broader community, and they are ready to take the next step to further their vision for their community across a number of areas.

Working with both the Indigenous and mainstream sectors in Victoria and broader Australia, a Fellow will work to broaden and strengthen links between sectors and work on a range of initiatives that will benefit the wellbeing of their community as a whole. They will be exposed to government, the private sector, NGOs and philanthropic networks, and be able to exchange and develop new ideas, identify and work through challenges and introduce a range of initiatives addressing the social, economic and emotional needs of Indigenous communities in Victoria.

Demonstrating practical action and sustainable results, along with the sharing of skills and experience with others will be the most important legacy of each Fellowship recipient.


Applicants must be Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, currently living in Victoria and have a plan that is designed for the Indigenous community of Victoria.

What does a Fellowship provide?

The Fellowship for Indigenous Leadership provides financial support to the appointed Fellow. Involvement includes three years (with a possible extension to five, funding permitting and demonstrated need) of support, including an annual stipend of $70,000, as well as invaluable mainstream networking and personal and professional development opportunities.

Some ways the Fellowship could be put to use are:

  • Professional and personal development – training, study, attending conferences and travel
  • Projects – funding for and assistance with the management of innovative projects to improve the emotional, social and economic wellbeing of Indigenous Victoria
  • Support – administrative assistance, office equipment and vehicle allowance

Each Fellow works closely with a small Advisory Group, chosen for their expertise, networks and skills in strategic planning and project management. The Fellow can draw on the support of their Advisory Group as needed throughout their term.

The Advisory Group provides the Fellow with opportunities to receive regular feedback, introductions to wider networks, assistance with strategic planning and a supportive team that is committed to the individual aims of each Fellowship.

Interested parties are invited to nominate themselves or someone else.

Application Requirements

The applicant must address the selection criteria below and provide a plan for the next three to five years on how they intend to establish a better future for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Victorians. The plan must include key strategies for achieving their vision.

Selection Criteria

The Selection Panel will be looking for evidence of:

  • A proven track record of achievement and leadership.
  • An ability to articulate a vision for a better future for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Victorians, as well as a set of well-founded ideas and the practical know-how, motivation and energy to establish the pathways towards achieving this vision
  • A commitment to promoting and strengthening Victoria’s Aboriginal culture
  • A strong base within the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community
  • A demonstrated ability to build and maintain strong and fruitful relationships and networks with individuals, groups and organisations in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and mainstream communities
  • Recognition as a leader, particularly within the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community, but desirably also by members of the broader community
  • A willingness and ability to strengthen links between Aboriginal and mainstream Australia
  • A desire to share knowledge and experience, and to work to increase the understanding and skills of others, including working with and nurturing emerging leaders
  • Applicants must be Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and currently living in Victoria
  • Fellowship initiatives must benefit Indigenous Victoria

Biographies of current and past Fellowship for Indigenous Leadership Fellows and their achievements are available in this section.