Steven Delaney

Emerging Leader 2009 – 2010

Steven Delaney

Steven Delaney is a Kamilaroi man from north-western New South Wales and lower Queensland. Steven works part-time as the Local Aboriginal Justice Worker with the Dandenong District Aborigines Co-operative Ltd.

Steven’s vision is to, through the development of a series of men’s cultural community groups, give the men and boys in his community the opportunity to learn and develop the necessary skills to feel empowered and be positive leaders and role models both in their homes and communities.

While the groups are culturally aimed at indigenous men, the sessions are inclusive of all men in the community, with many women in the community with non indigenous partners.

Steven has a commitment to advocating and educating the community to work together (Indigenous and non-Indigenous) for the common goal of acceptance and understanding for everyone.


“Everywhere I go I am mindful of the original guardians of this land and their cultural ways. I am ever mindful of sharing our cultural traditions and modern ways, including strengthening the bonds in communities by this promotion and interactions with people from all walks of life.”

Steven Delaney, 2009