How to Apply

The Fellowship for Indigenous Leadership ‘Calling for Applications’ for 2023 for a Fellow, Emerging Leader and a Young Leader has CLOSED

The Fellowship provides support to recognised leaders and opportunities to individuals within Victoria’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Building Aboriginal and Torres Strait leadership is a vital way of improving the social and emotional wellbeing of communities, and the Fellowship helps Aboriginal and Torres Strait communities develop innovative responses to current issues and future challenges.

The Fellowship supports past, present and future Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders who are striving to achieve positive change for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Victorians and strengthen links between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and mainstream Australia.

Each successful applicant will receive a stipend ($70,000 per year for a Fellow for 3 years, $30,000 for an Emerging Leader for 1 year, and $10,000 for a Young Leader for 1 year) to enable them to concentrate their efforts on personal and professional development and to focus on leadership in their community.

All applications will be assessed by an independent selection panel and all applicants will be advised accordingly of the outcome.

For further information, please contact our office via our contact form.

Application Instructions

Please refer to the Overview section of each category and then complete the online application form or, alternatively, you might prefer to submit your application via a video or other media.  If you would prefer to apply via a video or other media please forward these to:

Your application should include a brief outline of how you will demonstrate your leadership capability, and what impact you believe it will have on your community and the broader Victorian community.

The online application form contains file upload fields for you to attach relevant documents to your submission (eg reference letters). These fields are all optional to complete. There are 3 kinds of documents that can be submitted: Microsoft Word (in either .DOC or .DOCX formats), and PDF files. Simply click the “upload file” button, select the file you wish to attach from your hard drive, and click “OK”.

For those that submit PDF files we recommend to use Adobe’s free PDF Compressor service, which can shrink the size of bloated PDFs significantly:

If you cannot attach your files and are experiencing difficulties, simply mention this in the “Additional Notes” field at the bottom of the form, and we will get in touch with you to organise a file transfer using other methods.

Please download the following document should you require any interview tips:

FIL Application and Interview Tips 2023


Applicants must be Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, currently living in Victoria and have a plan that is designed for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community of Victoria.

The Selection Process

To ensure there is no conflict of interest in the selection of individuals for the Fellowship for Indigenous Leadership, the Selection Panel is independent of the Advisory Committee. In the event that a member of the Selection Panel has a personal or professional relationship with an applicant that could result in ethical concerns, they may be asked to not participate in the relevant interviews or discussion or may be excused from serving on the Panel.

The independent Selection Panel comprises Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members of high-standing community, business and leadership roles. The Panel reviews all applications and shortlists applicants for interview.

Shortlisted applicants are offered the opportunity to speak with a previous recipient of the Fellowship for Indigenous Leadership Program to help them prepare for the interview.

Following the interviews, the Selection Panel makes its recommendation to the Advisory Committee for the Fellowship for Indigenous Leadership.

In the event that Victoria is in lockdown due to COVID restrictions, the interviews will be conducted via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.