Daen Sansbury-Smith

Emerging Leader 2021 - 2022

Daen Sansbury-Smith is a proud Narungga (South Australia) and Trawoolwaway (Tasmania) man who grew up in South Australia and Victoria.  He is a Melbourne based audio engineer, director/ writer, content producer and visual artist with many years working in the NFP sector supporting the production of multimedia Cultural Art and Stories.

Visual art and storytelling are cultural practises within his family, which he has participated in for many years maintaining connection and learning. He comes from a family of writers, artists, historians, musicians, singers, storytellers and a wide range of creative, community minded people who have shaped him to be community serving by nature and he has found his own purpose in the create sector being driven by wanting to ensure they are the owners of their Narratives, cultural expressions and evolution as family, clan group or broader community members.

As a visual artist in Cultural Arts, he has a passion for encouraging and supporting young people in utilising their natural talents; strengths; cultural attributes and links to ignite their aspirations whatever they may be. Daen has been developing his skills and passions to bring Aboriginal stories to life through combining new technologies like Augmented Reality with Cultural Arts and sound engineering to transform the way stories are documented and shared.

Click on the following to see some of Daen’s work:

Black Crow – Blak Crow