Aileen Blackburn

Emerging Leader 2014 - 2015

Aileen Blackburn is an aboriginal advocate for local, regional and broader rights and affairs, and has been so for the best part of her life.

Coming from a large family who were always instrumental in community affairs and wellbeing Aileen started getting involved actively when she was 17 and has been fortunate to have knowledge and cultural expertise handed from Elders both past and present.

Aileen has always been involved in cultural heritage, land management and community development across health, family violence responses, education to housing and has established a number of community based organisations.

She has a personal interest in Aboriginal legal issues, hence my aspiration surrounding her ANU Bachelor of Law Degree, and Bachelor of Arts Degree SA University. She also has an extensive research background.

Aileen’s experience and involvement includes:

Former Board Member, Native Title Services Victoria

  • Vice Chair, East Gippsland Aboriginal Regional Justice Group
  • Chairperson, South Monero Aboriginal Women’s Corporation
  • East Gippsland Parks Victoria Traditional Owners Alps Group
  • Cann River/Orbost LINS Representative
  • NSW Elder Representative NSW Indigenous Waters
  • Indigenous Cultural Advisory Bundian Ways Cultural Trail and Women’s Yams Project, Eden NSW
  • Director Bolga/Manero/Yuin Aboriginal Alliance Group