Rose Johnson-Briggs

Emerging Leader 2021 - 2022

Rose Johnson-Briggs is a proud Aboriginal woman connected to Yorta Yorta and Muthi Muthi tribes on her mother’s side, and Wemba Wemba, Gunditjmara and Wiradjuri tribes on her father’s side.

She grew up on Yorta Yorta country and spent her developmental years surrounded by family and Elders who have championed many causes for First Nations peoples like better Health Access, Cultural inclusion in sports, Early Years Education and Cultural Practice and Sustainability. Rose now resides in Wurundjeri Country (Melbourne).

Rose has developed her own business; My Dreamtime Story with family and community consultation prior to the research and development stages. She has created her first interactive Cultural Baby Milestone Book, My Dreamtime Story Baby Edition; the first of its kind in the Country. This book not only follows all the developmental milestones from pregnancy through to the first twelve months, but it uniquely includes and celebrates Cultural features that as First Nations parents know are important for intergenerational transfer of knowledge. The need for a resource like the Cultural Baby Milestone Book was already evident within many of her own communities.

A testament to Rose’s strong leadership qualities can be seen through her ongoing drive and passion to stimulate increasing interest and engagement from her people and the broader
community. Rose’s vision is to ensure that history; language; traditions and culture of all First Nations babies and children in Victoria are celebrated not only in mainstream markets but also within diverse communities.