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Fellowship for Indigenous Leadership

Supporting achievement and vision for a stronger community


The Fellowship for Indigenous Leadership fosters leadership, providing exceptional people with the support they need to achieve their vision for their communities.

The Fellowship invests in recognised leaders and provides opportunities to emerging leaders within Victoria’s Indigenous communities. The value of the investment in building Indigenous leadership is to improve the economic as well as the social and emotional wellbeing of communities.

The Fellowship supports past, present and future Indigenous leaders who are committed to achieving positive change for Indigenous Victorians and strengthening links between all Australians.

The Fellowship for Indigenous Leadership is a sub-fund of the Australian Communities Foundation. You can support the Fellowship by making a donation through the ACF.

Latest News

The Social Value of an Aboriginal Run Sporting Club

Paul Briggs launched the report by the Centre for Sport and Social Impact on 7 June 2016 on the social value of an Aboriginal run sporting club.  For photos and more information, please refer to the Gallery section of the website.

A First for the Fellowship for Indigenous Leadership

We are getting involved with Philanthropy Australia and their National Conference Evolution or Revolution:  Is Philanthropy Future Ready? to be held in September 2016.

We will be doing it in partnership with Woor-Dungin and our leaders will be running a session titled “Right Way, Wrong Way, Which Way’: Stories from the field, practical steps and tools to forge respectful relationships and invest in Leadership of Aboriginal Australia”

If you have any feedback on relationships between philanthropy grantmakers and communities and their organisations that you think are good examples of the right way, we want to hear about them so let us know by emailing Glenda Morrison on