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Fellowship for Indigenous Leadership

Supporting achievement and vision for a stronger community


The Fellowship for Indigenous Leadership fosters leadership, providing exceptional people with the support they need to achieve their vision for their communities.

The Fellowship invests in recognised leaders and provides opportunities to emerging leaders within Victoria’s Indigenous communities. The value of the investment in building Indigenous leadership is to improve the economic as well as the social and emotional wellbeing of communities.

The Fellowship supports past, present and future Indigenous leaders who are committed to achieving positive change for Indigenous Victorians and strengthening links between all Australians.

The Fellowship for Indigenous Leadership is a sub-fund of the Australian Communities Foundation. You can support the Fellowship by making a donation through the ACF.

Right Way, Wrong Way, Which Way? Webinar – February 2017

Pro Bono Australia, co-branded with Philanthropy Australia, organised a webinar which was hosted by Genevieve Timmons from the Portland House Foundation, and panellists were Belinda Duarte (FIL/Culture is Life) and Peter Aldenhoven (Woor-Dungin/Willum Warrain) titled Right Way, Wrong Way, Which Way?

The focus of discussion was on influencing philanthropy regarding Aboriginal Australia and influencing the broader agenda and the feedback received has been very positive.

We hope that there will be future webinars so please watch this space for notifications of any further sessions.

Latest News

The Fellowship for Indigenous Leadership on Tuesday 24 October 2017 held an evening reception at Treetops at the Melbourne Museum in Carlton to announce the awards for 2017.

The Selection Panel recommended three Emerging Leader Awards and we would like you to join us in congratulating Kathryn Coff, Peter Aldenhoven and Catherine Coysh.

Another recommendation was that in place of a Fellow the Fellowship for Indigenous Leadership should focus on the Elders in the community and this would be done in two ways.

The first part is to recognise and acknowledge those Elders who have provided guidance, advice, support and direction as well as a hands-on role either on the Selection Panel, Welcome to Country, participating in Retreats etc. They are Kevin Coombs OAM, Pam Pedersen, Joy Wandin Murphy AO, Diane Kerr and Carolyn Briggs.

The second part is to bring together Elders from across the state, both clan based and other Elders, for a 2 day discussion. Its early days in the planning but we will keep you all informed and many of you will no doubt play a role in making this happen.

The Fellowship also recognised, for their continual support, Tony Nicholson from the Brotherhood of St Laurence who is stepping down as Executive Director, VicHealth on their 30th Anniversary and the Australian Communities Foundation on their 20th Anniversary.